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Why HKU?

Be part of the innovative HKU community.
Discover Hong Kong as Asia's arts hub.
Experience the cultural richness of the Greater Bay Area.

Founded in 1911, the University of Hong Kong, Asia’s Global University, delivers impact through internationalisation, innovation and interdisciplinarity.  It attracts and nurtures global scholars through excellence in research, teaching and learning, and knowledge exchange.  It makes a positive social contribution through global presence, regional significance and engagement with the rest of China. HKU is one of the leading universities in the world. It is constantly ranked among the top 25 educational institutions globally, and has particularly well regarded programmes in its Faculty of Arts.

The Faculty of Arts, a leading, internationally renowned humanities faculty, strives to attract and nurture outstanding scholars and students from around the world through excellence and innovation in teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange. As one of the flagship faculties of the University, the Faculty of Arts contributes to the advancement of knowledge about the arts and to the betterment of society. It nurtures leaders who are committed to making significant contributions to the development of Hong Kong, China, the region, and the world at large.

Founded in 1953, the University Museum and Art Gallery is a premier teaching museum whose vision is to generate artistic and cultural experiences, and to encourage greater appreciation of the arts in order to nurture a stronger sense of cultural values within the Hong Kong community. The University Museum strives to use its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions to accomplish scholarly projects in accord with various departments and curricula from across the University. The museum’s mission is to educate Hong Kong University students and the general public, through art-historical research and museum studies, by displaying and interpreting its permanent collection, and presenting noteworthy temporary exhibitions. 

Testimonials about the Museum Studies Programme

“As an interface between the East and the West, between old and new worlds, between different cultures, the programme will possibly help to determine developments in Asia, Europe and the United States in both the short and longer term. In short, there is definitely a market demand for a new generation of museum scholars and museum professionals, and this programme will undoubtedly be able to meet this demand. What I find particularly strong about the structure and content is that the programme does not consider the museum merely as a product, but also as a process.”

Koenraad Brosens, Vice-Dean of Education, Faculty of Arts;

Professor in Art History, University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium

“This is what is most impressive about the programme, that it provides an excellent balance of the necessary academic background to the subject with vocation/skills-based courses necessary in the museum sector, with enough choice of courses that students can tailor their studies to suit their interests, strengths and aspirations. I am pleased to see that students from a range of disciplines will be considered for the programme, because in my experience such programmes are strengthened when the backgrounds of accepted students are diverse.”

Richard Bullen, Associate Professor, Art History and Theory,

University of Canterbury, New Zealand

“I think it's unique that the programme is hosted by the University Museum. That way, the focus is on applied museology. It is very different from other programmes that are usually in art history and more focused on theory.”

Ruolin Wang, Gallery Director, Shanghai

“I like that the Museum Studies Programme will give the students access to internship opportunities in HK, as well as with renown institutions outside of Asia that would otherwise be inaccessible to HK students.”

Lucy, Undergraduate Student, HKU, Hong Kong

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