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Our Team

Get to know experienced curators. 
Meet academic
s with a passion for Museums.
Work with professionals in art and culture.

Prof. Joost C.A. Schokkenbroek

Joost joined HKU's Faculty of Arts as Professor Museum Studies in August 2023. He has a long career in the museum sector and academia. Between 1988 and 2023 he held various curatorial and management positions in four different museums covering three continents - lately as Museum Director of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. Schokkenbroek  was professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. He is the (co)author of five books and dozens of peer reviewed articles - often related to (maritime) history, museum matters, and the importance of artifacts.

Dr. Sarah Ng

Sarah is a Curator at the University Museum and Art Gallery and co-teaches the Art History Department’s Museum Studies course. She is a Chinese art specialist with 10 years curatorial and teaching experience. Sarah trained in conservation and art history and, besides teaching at HKU, has lectured in art and curatorship at HKUST, CUHK, Baptist University and Lingnan University.

Dr. Florian Knothe

Florian is the Director of the University Museum and Art Gallery and an Associate Professor in the School of Humanities, HKU. He serves as the MA in Museum Studies programme director and has taught Museum Studies at undergraduate and post-graduate level for more than 15 years. Florian trained in conservation, art history and heritage law, and lectures and teaches internationally. With the Dean of the Faculty of Arts he held a Mellon Foundation grant to investigate and initiate Museum Studies at HKU.

Dr. Shuo Hua

Shuo is an Assistant Curator at the University Museum and Art Gallery. She trained in business and art history, and lectures on the history of collecting and art markets at Baptist University and Lingnan University, and abroad. She is the convener of the Museum’s international lecture series on contemporary Chinese art and has taught courses on art history and the art market at Baptist University and City University in Hong Kong.

Dr. Harald Kraemer

Harald is an experienced curator at the University Museum and Art Gallery with 30 years of experience in curating and designing exhibitions, digital collection management, interactive media and teaching museum studies at various universities in Europe and Hong Kong. He studied art history and curatorial studies and established the two successful MA programs Curating Art and Media as well as Media Arts Cultures a few years ago.

Prof. John Carroll

John is a seasoned Professor in the History department at HKU. He trained in history and is world-renown for his expertise in Hong Kong history and culture. His Museum and history and Workshop in historical research courses are established undergraduate courses that make perfect co-listed elective courses for the newly proposed MA programme in Museum Studies.

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